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How much rock do I need to fill my Gabion Basket?


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While there are many great commercial and domestic uses for gabion baskets, most of them involve filling the basket with some type of rock. Whether you are building a rock retaining wall, feature wall, waterfall, outdoor furniture or just a rock wall for landscape purposes, you will need to order some type of rock filling. Gabion Baskets Queensland have a number of preferred rock suppliers based on location and type of rock. Please contact us for more information.

So, how much rock do you need? They key reason this is important is so the rocks don't begin falling through the aperture (mesh opening) of the basket? Imagine having a delivery of lovely river rock from your local landscape suppliers arrive at your property only to realise they're too small and will tumble out of the basket once they're in... Here’s everything you need to know to avoid this costly mistake:

How much rock do I need?

The answer to this question will change depending on the size of basket you have. Since rock filling is usually ordered in metres/cubed (m3), the volume of the basket will give an indication of the amount of rock filling required. The 3rd column in the below table is what you need.

What size rock can I use?

Fair question isn’t it? Imagine getting a few tonnes of rock delivered only to realise the aperture in the basket cross beams are too large and rocks start falling through. Back to reality, here’s what you need to know:

Mesh Aperture = 50 x 50mm

This means that any rock smaller than 45mm or 50mm in diameter will fall through the wire mesh. Based on the aperture above, the recommended rock size is a minimum of 70mm stone. Normal size rock would be 70-150mm

Find out more on why aperture size matters here: Why Your Gabion Mesh Size Matters

50x50 mesh aperture of gabion basket

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