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    We understand gabions in commercial projects often require a strong understanding of the application, technical insight and commercial flexibility. With thousands of gabions installed throughout Australia, we know how to make your commercial project a success.

  • Commercial Specifications

    Galfan Coating

    Galfan is an alternate to traditional zinc coating (galvanised) that offers a mix of zinc and alloy (Zn-5% Al). Galfan coating has claims to have superior corrosion resistance.

    50x50mm Aperture

    Maintaining a 50x50mm mesh size provides a gabion with more steel and more weld points throughout the basket giving it superior strength over 75x75mm or 100x50mm mesh. 

    4mm Gauge Wire

    A wire size of 4mm ensures the basket remains rigid without bellowing and warping when full like lower gauge wire does.

  • Commercial Specifications

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